Holomic to Introduce the First Dual, Chromatographic and Fluorescent Rapid Test Reader, the HRDR-400

Holomic is introducing the HRDR-400, the first dual, portable reader that can read both chromatographic and fluorescent rapid tests with one device.

Holomic is a leading supplier of high performance, quantitative readers and is already selling its HRDR-200 chromatographic and HRDR-300 fluorescent readers globally. The HRDR-400 is a first of its kind offering for manufacturers and end-users that need both capabilities in one instrument.

Dr. Neven Karlovac, CEO of Holomic LLC, commented, “We are responding to requests from our customers. Today, most rapid test immunoassays on the market are gold or other nanoparticle based chromatographic tests. On the other hand, many manufacturers are working on new fluorescent tests for their sensitivity and quantitative capabilities, and all signs point to an accelerating trend. Manufacturers would naturally want to have one reader for all their tests of either kind and in any type of package. The HRDR-400 is designed to meet this very specific need.”

Holomic has consistently delivered a single, universal reader as desktop or portable, for tests of different sizes or formats, including cassettes, strips and multiplexed tests. The HRDR-400, the latest addition to the company’s customized solutions, provides exceptional sensitivity and accuracy. The reader’s built in smartphone enables real-time, wide area diagnostic data collection via a secure CLOUD service and integration with electronic health records. The reader is ideal for point-of-care, telemedicine, global health monitoring, as well as lab and manufacturing settings. Reader customization to vendor requirements is fast, easy, and low cost.

The HRDR-400 is an addition to Holomic’s portfolio of rapid test solutions that already features unique readers for chromatographic and fluorescent tests, along with a HIPAA compliant CLOUD service for test and data collection and analytics. Software tools specifically targeted to manufacturers of tests include the Test Developer for lot calibration and distribution, and the Test Explorer for data analyses on a PC.

Adds Dr. Karlovac,“We are very encouraged with the interest from rapid test vendors who are eager to pair their tests with our readers. If rapid test vendor manufacturers want to capture market share, they need to differentiate themselves with readers. And not just any reader, but one that provides the sensitivity that significantly improves test outcomes. Holomic’s HRDR readers do just this. We are growing in the field of testing for drugs of abuse and alcohol. In addition, our low cost solution is also ideal for ebola, HIV and malaria detection; these are major threats globally, and warrant low-cost and efficient screening and monitoring of disease incidence and spread.”

Holomic will showcase its readers and software tools at DATIA (Booth 19), AACC (Booth 4615) and Medica (Booth TBD) 2015. Contact Ketaki Sood, Director of Product Marketing, [email protected]
The HRDR-200, 300 and 400 are available for sale globally. In the US, they are available for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.