Holomic will demonstrate the HSTA, a dedicated test assistant for substance abuse testing at DATIA 2015, June 2-3, in Miami

Holomic will demonstrate the HSTA, a dedicated test assistant for substance abuse testing at DATIA 2015, June 2-3, in Miami.

The HSTA is a high performance, economical, handheld, quantitative test assistant providing exceptional sensitivity and accuracy for your alcohol and drugs of abuse testing.

“Holomic is dedicated to addressing critical areas of testing and substance abuse testing has emerged as one of them,” says Dr. Neven Karlovac, CEO, Holomic. He adds, “In the past, drug testing was limited to the identification of a relatively small number of widely used drugs like marijuana and cocaine. Now, with the drastic increase in the misuse of prescription controlled substances, testing for substances at the workplace and roadside are critical. Furthermore, with the legalization of marijuana, there is a real need to monitor its influence and abuse when driving. We have therefore developed an inexpensive, accurate and easy to use technology to test for substances, including marijuana.”

The growth in substance abuse is also leading to extensive and periodic testing of workforce, and roadside by third party assessment organizations and labs.
The HSTA serves as an early screening assistant to identify the recent use or presence of a substance in such environments. With the HSTA, testing can be conducted with minimal training, in a private, or field setting, and test outcomes shared remotely with transport and other public and private authorities.

The HSTA provides instant, accurate results, and reduces retesting at labs for false positives. Instead of tedious testing forms, you simply enter all relevant data on a smartphone interface, which can then easily be saved, printed out, e mailed or uploaded to a secure CLOUD server for remote access. The HSTA can ne paired with any alcohol or drug test, including saliva tests, making testing simple, accurate, and cost effective for any setting, be it for workforce or forensic environments.

For a demo visit booth 19 at DATIA 2015, June 2-3, Miami. Contact Ketaki Sood, Director of Product Marketing, Holomic LLC, for more information , 310.443.2070.

The HSTA is compliant with ISO 13485, and is CE marked. The HSTA is available for sale globally for use in forensics and workforce testing.