TEST DEVELOPER: Software Tool for Test Manufacturers

Test Developer Software

The Test Developer Software is a desktop application specially created for manufacturers to develop lateral flow tests. It operates in conjunction with the HRDR-200 reader enabling quality control during test development as well as reader calibration. Key features include:

  • DATA ANALYSES FOR R&D and QC: Post-processing and analysis of test data acquired by the reader
  • TEST CREATION: Introducing new test types and their parameters
  • LOT CALIBRATION: Setting peak location windows, setting thresholds for one or more test and control lines, deriving calibration curves for new manufacturing lots or tests
  • DATA TRANSFER: Data transfer to the reader via WI-FI or USB

Additionally, Holomic provides distribution services for manufacturers of rapid tests. Once the manufacturer has completed a new test development or created new calibration files, Holomic provides a service for their distribution to end-user readers via a secure Holomic server. For more information contact Ketaki Sood, Director of Product Marketing, , 310.443.2070.