HRDR-200: Chromatographic Reader


The Holomic Rapid Diagnostic Reader or HRDR-200, is a high performance, economical, handheld, quantitative reader providing exceptional sensitivity and accuracy for your lateral flow immunoassay tests. Available in both chromatographic and fluorescent versions, the reader’s built in smartphone enables real-time, wide area diagnostic data collection via a secure CLOUD service and integration with electronic health records. The reader is ideal for point-of-care, telemedicine, public health monitoring, as well as lab and manufacturing settings. Reader customization to your requirements is fast, easy, and low cost. Key features include:

  • High accuracy and trans-visual sensitivity-; equals the best desktops at a much lower price
  • Significant improvement of both qualitative and quantitative tests
  • Single, universal reader as desktop or portable for all your tests of different sizes or formats, including cassettes, strips and multiplexed tests
  • Convenient handheld size for the lab and field
  • Chromatographic and fluorescent options
  • Smartphone platform featuring data integration with EHR, LIS and HIS
  • Test, lot number, and patient data identification
  • QR Code for automatic test and patient data entry
  • Lot expiration warning
  • Can be used standalone or networked
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity to laptops, printers, and routers
  • Print, e mail, and text options for test result output
  • Secure CLOUD service for wide area access to test results
  • Data analyses on a PC with Test Explorer Software
  • Lot Calibration and Distribution with Test Developer Software

The HRDR-200 is available for sale globally. In the US, the HRDR-200 is available for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. Contact Ketaki Sood, Director of Product Marketing, , 310.443.2070.