Google Glass Reader


The Google Glass Platform includes a custom-developed Glass Application software downloadable from the Google Glass server to your Glass. It is intended for use with RDT cassettes marked with QR code identifiers in well lit ambiances and no other hardware is required. It works like this: the Glass user looks at the RDT and with a voice command leads the Glass to acquire the RDT image with its camera and to transmit it to the Holomic Cloud-Server for rapid post-image processing. The server can be accessed from anywhere using a web browser to see a dynamic spatio-temporal map and real-time statistics of uploaded test results. Professor Ozcan and his team have tested the system with RDTs for HIV and PSA and have obtained outstanding results.

Google’s Glass is still in beta and available only to a limited number of users. Likewise, Holomic’s Glass Platform (Glass Application and Holomic Cloud-Server) will initially be available only to a limited number of researchers at universities and rapid test development organizations. Holomic’s objective is to collaborate with Google, the Ozcan Research Lab at UCLA, and the user community to further advance this promising platform for improved healthcare.

In the US, the Glass Platform is available for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. For more information about availability contact Ketaki Sood, Director of Product Marketing, , 310.443.2070.

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