CLOUD & TEST EXPLORER: Data Management for End Users


Holomic’s secure CLOUD services hosted by HIPAA compliant TRUEVAULT and compatible with HL7 standards enables wireless upload of test results from our readers. The service features data storage, processing and analytics and access to a real-time map of the geographic distribution of diagnostic results by disease and demographic data. Key features include:

  • Easy access, anytime, anywhere
  • Customizable web interface and analytics
  • Encryption and storage ensuring security
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Compatible with HL7 standards
  • End-users can track disease incidence and spread
  • Manufacturers can track test and reader location and usage

The Test Explorer Software enables data transfer from the reader to a PC for local record keeping and further analytics.
Both the CLOUD and Test Explorer Software work in conjunction with our readers to record data that can be integrated with EHR and HIS.