Rapid-Diagnostic-Test Technology

Prof. Aydogan Ozcan and his PhD student Onur Mudanyali, a PhD student, together with their collaborators in Ozcan’s Research Group at UCLA, have developed an Integrated Rapid-Diagnostic- Test (RDT) reader on a cellphone. RDTs are an important class of relatively inexpensive diagnostics for point-of-care or home applications; largely based on the lateral flow immunoassay technology they have found widespread application at home (i.e. home pregnancy tests), physicians’ offices (thyroid RDT), and public health ( HIV, malaria, influenza, and many other RDTs). The problem is that RDTs today are either qualitative and prone to operator error or require expensive readers, and in any case test results are not automatically recorded and are unavailable to healthcare authorities. This RDT Reader on a cellphone, together with its backoffice software application, solves all these problems. It will enable accurate and cost-effective large scale use of RDTs for better healthcare delivery, monitoring and geo-tracking of emerging epidemics, and help public health authorities with epidemics preparedness. For more information see Lab on a Chip 2012, DOI:10.1039/C2LC40235A. Holomic LLC is introducing this reader to the market at the AACC Annual Meeting in Los Angeles, July 17-19, 2012. HRDT-1 will be commercially available in Q4, 2012.