Smartphone Microscopy

Here is a list of advanced technologies licensed or developed by Holomic. For research contracts or collaboration please contact Ketaki Sood, Director of Product Marketing, , 310.443.2070.

Virus and Nano-Particle Imager

The first smartphone fluorescent microscope that can image single viruses and nano-particles

Weighing less than 200 grams, this field-portable fluorescent microscope can detect single 100nm particles as well as individual human cytomegaloviruses. The imaging results of this smartphone platform were validated using scanning electron microscopy images of the same samples.

Selected Publication:

  • Q. Wei, H. Qi, W. Luo, D. Tseng, S. Jung Ki, Z. Wan, Z. Göröcs, L.A. Bentolila, T. Wu, Ren Sun, and A. Ozcan, ACS Nano (2013), DOI:10.1021/nn4037706

Smartphone Blood Analyzer

A cost-effective and mobile platform to analyze blood samples

5Blood Analysis on a Cellphone
Blood tests are the most common test panels ordered, however advance hematology analyzers and appropriate laboratory infrastructure may be absent or limited in most locations.

Holomic’s smartphone based microscopy platform can measure the density of red and white blood cells as well as hemoglobin concentration in human blood samples. We evaluated the performance of this cell-phone based blood analysis platform using anonymous human blood samples and achieved comparable results to a standard bench-top hematology analyzer.

Selected Publication:

  • H. Zhu, I. Sencan, J. Wong, S. Dimitrov, D. Tseng, K. Nagashima, and A. Ozcan, ”Cost-effective and Rapid Blood Analysis on a Cell-phone,” Lab on a Chip (2013), DOI:10.1039/C3LC41408F