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  • Aug 24, 2012
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Telemedicine startup joins incubator space at UCLA’s California NanoSystems Institute

Los Angeles, August 24, 2012

By Jennifer Marcus

Holomic LLC, a startup company seeking to commercialize a groundbreaking technology (http://newsroom NULL.ucla NULL.edu/portal/ucla/ucla-engineering-professor-s-holographic-221410 NULL.aspx?link_page_rss=221410) developed at UCLA that turns simple cell phones into powerful microscopes has joined UCLA’s on-campus technology incubator program at the California NanoSystems Institute (http://www1 NULL.cnsi NULL.ucla NULL.edu/index).

The novel medical-diagnostic imaging technology — invented by Aydogan Ozcan (http://innovate NULL.ee NULL.ucla NULL.edu/), an associate professor of electrical engineering at UCLA’s Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science (http://www NULL.engineer NULL.ucla NULL.edu/), and his students — has the potential to bring better health care and monitoring to impoverished and underserved areas of the globe.

Holomic obtained an exclusive license for this technology from UCLA before joining the incubator program, which was set up three years ago (http://www NULL.today NULL.ucla NULL.edu/portal/ut/ucla-launches-tech-incubator-to-86583 NULL.aspx) to nurture early-stage research and help speed the commercial translation of new technologies developed at UCLA. At the incubator, Holomic has access to the world-class equipment in the CNSI’s core lab facilities to pursue research-and-development work.

Read Full Article (http://newsroom NULL.ucla NULL.edu/portal/ucla/telemedicine-startup-joins-incubator-237518 NULL.aspx)


  1. Siwei (http://www NULL.aeris NULL.com) says:

    this is great! It will be a huge breakthrough in the rural healthcare area, especially in other countries. have you thought manufacturing a device other than a cell phone to implement this since cell phones can easily be stolen?

    • nkarlovac says:

      Portable devices, including cellphones, by their very nature can be lost or stolen. Clients who are concerned about this can always buy a suitable protection plan from carriers.

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