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  • Jul 1, 2012
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Holomic Introduces a Cellphone-Based Rapid Test Reader at AACC 2012

Los Angeles, CA, July 1, 2012

Holomic LLC will introduce the HRDR – our new cellphone-based rapid diagnostic test reader – at the AACC annual conference to be held in Los Angeles on July 17-19.  The reader combines the features and the power of today’s smartphones with advanced optical and software design  to give the user a unique lightweight, handheld, accurate, and economical reader for improved rapid diagnostics with lateral flow immunoassay devices.

HRDR provides the performance and  features of many higher-priced and bulkier desktop and handheld readers but on a user-friendly smartphone platform.  It captures the image of the rapid diagnostic test; performs quantitative measurements;  provides accurate and robust test results independent of operator skill and illumination conditions; displays therapeutic information; stores results for later or real-time transfer to local or remote laboratory information systems or electronic health records.  The reader can be configured to accept a wide variety of rapid diagnostic strips or customized for a specific brand.

Smart RDT reader applications implemented  through Holomic’s Cloud Information Service can provide geo-mapping and real-time monitoring of patients and populations, as well as inventory management and quality tracking.  Applications for public health agencies could provide early warning of incipient epidemics and monitor their spread.

The public is invited to visit  us in  Booth 5500 at the AACC Conference and Show in Los Angeles, CA, July 17-90, 2012.  Holomic is exhibiting in the booth of our sister company and software development partner SCC Soft Computer Company.

HRDR will be available for volume deliveries starting in October 2012.  For more information contact Holomic LLC, 1-310-443-2070, [email protected] (sales null@null holomic NULL.com), holomic.com (http://www NULL.holomic NULL.com).

Holomic LLC was formed in 2011 to commercialize advanced BioPhotonics technologies invented at the world-renowned research laboratory of Professor Aydogan Ozcan at UCLA.  The technologies include rapid diagnostic test readout;  lensefree holographic and tomographic microscopy; brightfield and fluorescent  microscopy; and flow cytometry.  The common thread is cost-effective implementations on cellphones or other lightweight portable platforms for applications in medical diagnostics and environmental monitoring.


  1. Wei-Yann Chen says:

    Hi there,

    My name’s Wei-Yann Chen and I’m interested in purchasing the Rapid Test Readers. I understand they will only be available in October of this year. Is there a minimum order per purchase? Also, how much does one unit cost?

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    Thank you for your time,
    Wei-Yann Chen

  2. Ernie Wilson says:

    I am interested to know how the rapid test reader analysis water quality. Can you give me information on how it works cost and also if they can be purchased?

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