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  • Oct 1, 2011
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Microskia Inc. Press Release

Los Angeles, October 01, 2011

Microskia Inc. announces that it has closed a Series A funding deal with a strategic investor.  The funding will be used to accelerate product development and market  entry.  Concurrently, the company is changing its name to Holomic LLC and will continue its operations in Los Angeles under that name.  Microskia Inc. will cease operations at the end of 2011.

Microskia Inc. was founded in 2009 as a spinoff from UCLA. The mission of the company is to commercialize holographic microscopy and other advanced photonic technologies invented by Professor Aydogan Ozcan at UCLA and his research group.  For more information please contact Dr. Neven Karlovac, CEO, at [email protected] (nkarlovac null@null microskia NULL.com), 310-897-2096


  1. Cell phone lab strip reader another great innovation from Ozcan lab at UCLA (http://www NULL.imedicalapps NULL.com/2012/05/cell-phone-lab-strip-reader-another-great-innovation-from-ozcan-lab-at-ucla/) says:

    [...] his smartphone microscope peripheral device was named innovation of the year by The Scientist.Ozcan recently announced he has secured $2.5 million seed funding (then under the name Microskia) from a strategic investor, as well as $383K from the National [...]

  2. Joel Ehrenkranz MD (http://i-calQ NULL.com) says:

    There are a number of immunochromatographic imaging devices on the market (e.g. Forsite Diagnostics). The Holomic technology is not quantitative, needs to be approved by the FDA as a medical device, and has a number of other barriers to commercialization (e.g. intellectual property) to overcome.

    • nkarlovac says:

      Thank you for alerting us that the medical device business is a challenging one. Nonetheless, we believe we have a unique contribution to make.

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